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Figure C10.F1.




SUBJECT: Request for IMET Training Waiver

THROUGH: [Insert Combatant Command]

In accordance with Chapter 10, SAMM, request approval for the use of IMET funds for the following training:


MILDEP Program:

Type of Waiver: [Insert the specific waiver being requested; such as, Mobile Training Team, High Cost Flight Training, etc.]

Requested Training: [Insert a precise description of the training; such as, a mobile training team to instruct on requisition preparation and receipt, storage, and issue of supplies; 2 weeks duration; one enlisted member, grade E-7 or E-8.]

Title of Course:



Program Year:

Unit Cost:




Avail Qtr:

Priority Code:

Other Costs*:



Total Cost:

*Other authorized costs associated with MTTs. [Insert details and justification of the costs.]

Justification: [Insert a detailed justification, to show why IMET funds must be used. Justification should answer the following questions :]

  1. Requirements: [Why is training needed? What capability does it develop? What is the urgency in providing this training?]

  2. Objective: [What IMET objective(s) does this training achieve (see Combined Education and Training Program Plan)? What alternatives to this training have been examined to include cost and availability?]

  3. Capability: [Does this training capability exist in country? If not, what steps are being taken to develop this capability?]

  4. Quantity: [Total number of personnel requiring training in this field? How many have been trained? Considering attrition factor, how long does it take to meet host nation objectives?]

  5. Impact: [What is the impact if training is not approved?]

  6. Funding Rationale: [Rationale for IMET funding? Why is IMET the best choice for funding this requirement? Why should FMS funds not be used? Why should any allocated FMF funds not be used?]

  7. Political/Military: [What political or military significance, if any, is attached to this training?]

  8. Benefits to the United States: [What benefits, tangible or intangible, are accrued to the United States by providing this training?]

Approval Date

SCO Chief’s:


Combatant Command:


DSCA Approval:



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