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Availability of Funds Across Fiscal Years

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Mandatory for LOAs that utilize the Section 333 authority. Mandatory for any Modifications and Amendments if not included on the basic case.

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"Cross Fiscal Year Authority is provided by10 USC 333(g)(2)(a) and authorizes the period of performance to begin when the program incurs the first financial obligation. All program activities must conclude no later than the end of the second fiscal year thereafter. Training-only programs are only permitted to use the Cross Fiscal Year authority.

Full Operational Capability is provided by 10 USC Section 333(g)(2)(b). For a program to qualify for FOC, the U.S. Government must receive the last key article for the program (denoted on the Congressional Notification table) before the end of the fiscal year after the fiscal year in which the program incurs the first financial obligation. If the all the key articles are delivered on time, the U.S. Government may provide the partner with defense articles, training (including Human Rights training), defense services (i.e. field service representatives contractor logistical support), supplies and small-scale military construction (subject to $750,000 limit) associated with delivered of the key equipment. These activities may continue into the next two full fiscal years after delivery of the equipment to the partner nation but must conclude before the end of that second fiscal year. If the U.S. Government does not receive all the key articles (as denoted in the Congressional Notification table) for the program before the end of the next fiscal year after the first obligation, the program does not qualify for FOC and must revert to the reduced period of performance authorized under the Cross Fiscal Year authority provision from 10 USC 333(g)(2)(a). The U.S. Government will make every effort to deliver articles to the partner nation within 120 days after acceptance of the articles by the U.S. Government or as soon as practical. FOC cannot be applied to programs that only provide training."