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Physical Security and Accountability Plan for Other Defense Articles Designated for Enhanced End Use Monitoring (BPC LOAs)

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Mandatory for BPC LOAs, Amendments and Modifications that transfer articles other than JAVELIN or MANPADS and require Enhanced End Use Monitoring (EEUM) .

Amendments and Modifications must include the newest version of this note if it is not incorporated into the implemented version of the case.

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"The Benefitting Country will provide the Security Cooperation Organization (SCO) and/or other appropriate U.S. Government representatives a written physical security and accountability control plan prior to receipt of the equipment. The Implementing Agency will confirm the SCO or appropriate U.S. Government representative have the written physical security and accountability control plan prior to delivery of articles, training or any other associated assistance included in this Letter of Offer and Acceptance.

Weapons storage facilities must be conducted and certified by MILDEPs in accordance with DoD Manual 5100.76-M, "Physical Security of Sensitive Conventional Arms, Ammunition and Explosives," before EEUM-designated weapons systems are delivered."