# Item Use (to be used with Table C15.T2.)
1 Case Identifier

Enter the unique case identifier assigned by DSCA (Strategy Directorate). See Section C15.3.2.

2 Purchaser’s Reference

For DoD-funded programs: After “Based on” enter “funds provided and the Memorandum of Request from [enter Requesting Authority] to the Defense Security Cooperation Agency, [insert date of MOR and tracking number].” 

For non-DoD funded BPC Programs: Enter “the MOA between the Funding Authority and DSCA, dated [insert date of FAA Section 632(b) MOA] and the Memorandum of Request from [enter Requesting Authority] to the Defense Security Cooperation Agency, [insert date of MOR and tracking number].” 

3 Nickname Field

Enter the Benefitting Country/organization, the Program, the Program Authority, and "BPC" (e.g., “Bandaria, 1206, PL 109-163, as amd, BPC”). If there are multiple Benefitting Countries on the LOA, list the FMS codes from Table C4.T2. (e.g., “BN, KY, MK”) before entering the Program. This field is limited to 50 characters.

4 Offer Expiration Date (OED)

The recommended OED to meet USG requirements is 30 days (25 days for administrative processing and 5 days for DSCA review) unless the DSCA CPD requests a longer period.

5 Authority Field

Select the BPC Program Authority abbreviation. The full program authority will be printed on the LOA following the Terms of Sale.

6 Authority Fiscal Year

Select the Appropriation Authority fiscal year. This field only appears in DSAMS.

7 S1 Description Field

Enter the Benefitting Country’s FMS code (use the BPC program code, if more than one country is benefitting) followed by a dash, and then a short description of the articles and services being provided. For programs which benefit only a single country (e.g., ASFF), the Benefiting Country/service may be used in place of the FMS Country code. See Table C4.T2. For example, “ANA – Emergency response vehicles and equipment.” This field is limited to 45 characters.

8 Purchaser Mailing Address

Select “Department of Defense” or the non-DoD Funding Authority.

9 Item Number

Materiel and services on the case are listed with a three-position numeric case line number (e.g., 001, 002).

10 Benefitting Country

Select the Benefitting Country for each line, as applicable.

11 Description/Condition Field

Any Major Defense Equipment MDE items will be listed on their own line on the LOA and not combined on a line with non-MDE equipment. Lines should be listed in order from most to least substantial. After the major items, the remaining lines should be listed in order by Generic Code at the IA’s discretion.

12 Quantity, Unit of Issue, Unit and Total Costs.

This information is entered as applicable. Total costs for each line are always in whole dollars. See Section C15.3.3.

13 SC/MOS/TA or Notes.

Enter codes for Source of Supply, number of months estimated before items or services will be available, Type of Assistance, and training notes.

14 Offer Release Code (ORC)

Enter “X.”

15 Delivery Term Code (DTC)

Enter DTC 7 to indicate that DoD will provide trans-oceanic and in-country travel to the final destination. Enter DTC 9 if follow-on transportation from the port of debarkation (POD) has been arranged via another means.

16 Freight Forwarder Code

Enter “X” if the item will be shipped to a Military Assistance Program Address Code (MAPAC) address. A Customer-within-country (CC) code must be entered in the Mark For code on the front page of the LOA. The MAPAC must contain the CC code and addresses for each type of shipment (parcel post or freight).

Enter “W” on exception requisitions, when shipment is to an off-line address or when the LOA provides only services. Clear instructions must be provided in the Remarks section, and the Mark For code on the front page of the LOA will be “0.”

17 Charges on the LOA

Charges listed “below the line” will identify Packing, Crating, and Handling (PC&H); the FMS Administrative Surcharge; Transportation or other accessorial charges, unless otherwise specified and provided as a separate line on the LOA.

18 Estimated Payment Schedule

Enter the Total Case Value (TCV) into the Due With LOA Acceptance field. BPC programs have a statutory limit on the total amount of funds available for obligation in each fiscal year and/or for obligation in support of specific objectives, so requested deviations from the TCV must be approved by the DSCA CFD.