Command Letterhead



Director, [insert Command]


Director, Defense Security Cooperation Agency


Subject: Recommendation For Allocation Of Excess Defense Articles

Enclosure: Excess Defense Article (EDA) Allocation Worksheet – [insert item being transferred]


This memorandum provides information on the proposed allocation plan for excess [insert item description]. The enclosed is forwarded for your consideration.

The Command knows of no U.S. industry initiative to market similar [insert item description] to [insert country names].

There will be no adverse impact upon U.S. military readiness as a result of these transfers. Further, the items are excess to Department of Defense requirements, including those of the National Guard and Reserve Components.

The proposed transfer [insert does or does not] contain equipment that includes Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) controlled items. (If it does contain MTCR controlled items add the following: A list of possible MTCR controlled items was sent to DSCA on [insert date] and a copy is attached.) The equipment has been checked by a qualified reviewer and is MTCR compliant.

Recommend that you convene the EDA Coordinating Committee as soon as possible to establish an approved allocation plan.


The point of contact for this action is [insert name, telephone number, and e-mail address].






[insert nomenclature]

Excess Quantity:

[insert quantity]


Detailed Information on the EDA Item(s) (include equipment capabilities, supportability, and suitability; minimum number required for operations; and Rough Order of Magnitude Cost for refurbishment and support).


Valid Letters of Request Received From:

[insert country and quantities]

Proposed Recipient(s):

[insert country and armed forces branch]

Proposed Method of Transfer:

[insert Grant or Sale per proposed recipient]


Detailed Justification for Each Proposed Transfer: [include equipment application/ mission, quantity of similar equipment previously transferred, and quantity of equipment needed based on force requirements]