A4.1. Generic Codes. The Generic Code is a three-character code assigned to each item in the Military Articles and Services List (MASL) to categorize articles, services, and training for reporting and management purposes.


B 3 S
The first character is an alpha character identifying the budget activity. The second character is a numeric assigned to each Budget Project (BP). The third character is an alpha character assigned to identify groupings of articles, services, and training.
Missiles - Sea Launched Missiles - Tomahawk

A4.2. Generic Codes Listing

Generic Codes Listing

Budget Activity Code Activity
A Aircraft
B Missiles
C Ships
D Combat Vehicles
E Tactical and Support Vehicles
F Weapons
G Ammunition
H Communications Equipment
J Support Equipment
K Supplies
L Supply Operations
M Maintenance of Equipment
N Training (FMS 1200 System Only)
N Training (MAP 1000 System Only)
P Research & Development
Q Construction
R Special Activities
T Administrative Expenses
U Foreign Military Sales Order (FMSO) (FMS 1200 System Only)
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