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2021 May 03

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May 02-08, 2021

2021- April 28

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April 25-30, 2021

2021 - April 14

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April 11-17, 2021

  • DSCA Policy Memo 21-04, Revision to Drawdowns has been posted.

    Effective immediately, section C11.2. "Drawdowns" of the Security Assistance Management Manual (SAMM) provides amplifying guidance for required operational readiness impact assessments within the planning process and other administrative updates. This change is in direct response to a recommendation within the Government Accountability Office report completed in October 2016.

    This memo updates C11.2. - Drawdowns (and all subsections).

  • DSCA Policy Memo 21-34, Clarification of "Accepted Case" and "Implemented Case" Definitions has been posted.

    Effective immediately, this memorandum updates the Security Assistance Management Manual (SAMM) to clarify the definitions of a Foreign Military Sale (FMS) “accepted case” and “implemented case” for consistency in use. The distinction between these two case status types is important as it impacts the inclusion of cases in annual sales figures and the official starting point of case execution.

2021 - March 16

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March 14-20, 2021

2021 - Mar 09

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March 07-13, 2021