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Welcome to DSCA's E-SAMM and
Policy Memoranda Distribution Portal

This site provides an updated method to accessing the Security Assistance Management Manual (SAMM) and the Policy Memorandums that are issued by the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA).

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Latest Updates:

May 20, 2019

Date Changes
May 19-25, 2019

May 01, 2019

Date Changes
April 28 - May 04, 2019

April 09, 2019

Date Changes
April 07-13, 2019
  • DSCA Policy Memo 19-23 Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Administrative Surcharge Rate Change Clarification has been posted.

    DSCA will assist the Implementing Agencies to identify any cases requiring surcharge rate adjustments as a result of this policy clarification as well as to communicate these changes to the international partner. Effective immediately, DSCA Policy Memo 18-48, Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Administrative Surcharge Rate Change Clarification is rescinded. Additionally, the attached implementation guidance replaces the guidance that accompanied DSCA policy memorandum 18-27.

March 26, 2019

Date Changes
March 24-30, 2019
  • DSCA Policy Memo 19-18 Security Assistance Management Manual (SAMM) name change for Macedonia has been posted.

    On February 15, 2019, Macedonia was renamed the Republic of North Macedonia, as reflected by the U.S. Board of Geographic Names precipitated by ratification of the 2018 Prespa Agreement. Effective immediately, SAMM Table C4.T2A. Security Cooperation (SC) Customer and Regional Codes and FMS Eligibility (Regions), is updated to indicate the new name and maintain the historical reference to the former name.

March 20, 2019

Date Changes
March 17-23, 2019