SUBJECT: Certification to Congress of a Lease Under the Authority of the AECA, Section 61; Lease [insert Lease Designator]


The following information is provided in connection with the reporting requirement of the AECA, section 62(a).


  1. Country or International Organization: [insert proposed Lessee]

  2. Implementing Agency: [insert proposed Lessor]

  3. Total Value Replacement Costs (must be same as Schedule A of the Lease Agreement):

  4. Type and Quantity of Equipment (segregate the MDE, indicating value):

  5. Security Classification of the Lease: (if the lease is classified, attach justification. Mark each paragraph with the appropriate security classification level in accordance with classification guidelines and identify the classifying authority and declassification date.)

  6. Security Classification of Equipment to be Leased:

  7. This lease contains support equipment that includes MTCR controlled items.
    Yes ___ No ___
    If yes, a list of possible MTCR controlled items was sent to DSCA on [insert date] and a copy is attached.
    The equipment has been checked by a qualified reviewer and is MTCR compliant.
    Yes ___ No ___

  8. Duration of Lease:

  9. Summary of Lease Terms (to include any special conditions):

  10. Total Rental Value (must be same as Schedule A of the Lease Agreement):

  11. Activity of the DoD Component Responsible for Administering Lease:

  12. Estimated Date Lease and Determination will be provided to DSCA:

  13. Justification (to include reason(s) why defense article(s) is/are being leased rather than sold under FMS):



  14. Action Officer’s name, office, and complete telephone number.