Request for Advance Funds – Sample Letter Principal Payment Schedule

Defense Finance and Accounting Service -Indianapolis
ATTN: Security Assistance Accounting/JAX
8899 East 56th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46249-6300


Dear Sir:


In accordance with the provisions of Section 1.4 of our Loan Agreement with the Government of the United States of America dated ________________, the Government of _______________________ hereby requests DFAS Indianapolis approval and disbursement of an advance of _________________ from that loan.

The Government of ____________________ acknowledges that advances hereunder may be used to pay ocean and air freight costs only for transportation of Defense Items being carried on vessels or aircraft of United States registry, and that all materiel financed from this loan which is to be shipped by ocean surface transportation must be transported in privately-owned vessels of United States registry unless a waiver is obtained in accordance with Section 7 of the Loan Agreement. In furtherance of this requirement, the suppliers of the materiel being financed with this advance were so notified and given appropriate shipping instructions.

In connection with this request, the Government of _____________________ confirms that, as appropriate: the defense articles and services for which payment is requested have been satisfactorily delivered; or the advance payment requested is in accordance with requirements of the contract; or the progress payment requested is based on the contractor’s satisfactory progress and is in accordance with requirements of the contract; and that payment is therefore due and unpaid under the Purchase Agreement _________________ with the ____________________.


Government of __________________
(Name and Title)