Repayment Procedures

All repayments shall be in immediately available U.S. dollars at the New York Federal Reserve Bank, New York, New York, on the day payment is due. To this end, payment shall be made by either of the following methods.

The New York Federal Reserve Bank maintains accounts for many foreign central banks. The Borrower may make payment by a direct transfer from its central bank (or a central bank being utilized by it for that purpose) to the New York Federal Reserve Bank. In effecting the transfer, the central bank should use the exact payment account information provided below, and indicate to the New York Federal Reserve Bank that the funds are for credit to the United States Treasury, for credit to the account of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency:


Payment Amount (in U.S. dollars)


(Begin third party text – may use up to 230 characters with this optimum format; this text should include the precise loan installment(s) to which the remitted amount should be credited.)

Should the Borrower choose to use the Federal Reserve wire payment system (“Fedwire”), a system for making instantaneous transfers of funds between U.S. banks, the Borrower should instruct its local U.S. bank to transfer the funds to the New York Federal Reserve Bank by Fedwire on the payment date and to include in the wire the payment account information set forth in the preceding paragraph.

The payment account information must be exactly in the form shown above (including spacing between words or numbers) to insure timely receipt by the DSCA, and to avoid the assessment of late charges.

Checks, drafts, and other orders for payment do not constitute immediately available funds and therefore do not meet the requirements of the Promissory Note. These instruments will be accepted but funds will be credited to accounts only after confirmation by the U.S. Treasury.