Designation of Authority

  1. The Borrower shall provide to the DSCA a written communication that evidences the authority for incumbents of specifically named offices or specifically named individuals to sign the loan documents on its behalf. As a minimum the communication will contain the following:

    Director, Defense Security Cooperation Agency
    201 12th St South, Suite 203
    Arlington VA 22203-5408


    Dear Sir:


    The following officials of the Government of ____________ are duly authorized to execute and deliver documents as indicated below in connection with a loan agreement in the amount of ______________ between the Government of the United States and this Government:


    a. Loan Agreement:
    [Person’s Name(s) and/or Title(s) of Office(s)]________________

    b. Promissory Note:
    [Person’s Name(s) and/or Title(s) of Office(s)]________________

    c. Requests for Disbursement and Such Other Documents
    As May Be Required Under This Loan Agreement:
    [Person’s Name(s) and/or Title(s) of Office(s)]________________


    By _______________________
    (Name and Title Typed)
    Date: ____________________


    Copy to:
    Defense Finance and Accounting Service-IN
    Security Assistance Accounting/JAX
    8899 East 56th Street
    Indianapolis, IN 46249-6300

  2. The designation of authority letter shall be signed by an appropriate person empowered under the laws of the Borrower to delegate to selected officials authority to sign debt obligations or the other documents as stated in the name of its Government. The Borrower shall submit a designation of authority letter to DSCA containing the names and signatures of newly designated officials whenever changes occur.