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Appendix 4 - D


Generic Code Category/Description Federal Supply
Item Identification
D     Combat Vehicles       All spare parts for Combat Vehicles should be programmed under Generic Code K8A.
  1   Armored Carriers:        
    A Personnel Carriers, Full Track FSC 2350 X    
    B Personnel Carriers, Half Track FSC 2350 X    
    C Armored Card FSC 2320, 2350 X    
    D Cargo Carriers FSC 2320, 2350 X    
    E Weapons Carriers FSC 2320, 2350 X    
  2   Self-Propeller Artillery:        
    A Anti-Aircraft FSC 2350 X    
    B Anti-Tank FSC 2350 X    
    C 105mm Howitzer FSC 2350 X    
    D 155mm Howitzer FSC 2350 X    
    E 4.2 Inch Mortar FSC 2350 X    
    F 8 Inch Howitzer FSC 2350 X    
    G 175mm Gun FSC 2350 X    
    Z Other Self-Propeller Artillery FSC 2350 X    
  3   Tanks:        
    A Light Tank FSC 2350 X    
    B Medium Tank FSC 2350 X    
  4   Tank Recovery Vehicles:        
    A Tank Recovery Vehicles FSC 2350 X    
  5   Other Combat Vehicles:        
    A High Speed Tractors FSC 2430 X    
    B Amphibious landing Vehicles FSC 2320, 2350 X    
    C Tank Mounted Bulldozers FSC 2590      
    D Armored Combat Vehicles, Wheeled FSC 2355      
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