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Appendix 4 - M


Generic Code Category/Description Federal Supply
Item Identification
M     Maintenance of Equipment        
  1   Technicians & Allied Services:        
    A Aircraft Technical Assistance 2   X  
    B Missile Technical Assistance 2   X  
    C Communications Technical Assistance 2   X  
    D EAM Services 2   X  
    E Other Technical Assistance 2   X  
    F Technical Data Package (TDP) 2   X  
    G Engineering Technical Assistance 2   X  
    H Technical Coordination Program (TCP) 2   X  
    J Aircraft Structural Integrity Program (ASIP) 2   X  
    K Non-Standard Item Support 2   X  
    L PMEL Calibration 2   X  
    M Engine CIP 2   X  
    P Contractor Engineering Tech Services (CETS) 2   X  
    Q Ship Maintenance Technical Assistance 2   X  
    R Logistics Technical Assistance 2   X  
    S Training Devices, Simulators, and Targets Technical Assistance 2   X  
  2   Repair/Rehabilitation/Replacement of Equipment:        
    A Repair/Rehab/Replacement of Aircraft & Aircraft Engine Overhauls (Include a/c Iran) 2 X X  
    B Overhaul of Ships 2 X X  
    C Repair/Rehab/Replacement, Other 2 X X  
    D Combat Vehicles 2 X X  
    E Tactical/Support Vehicles 2 X X  
    F Weapons 2 X X  
    G Ammunition 2   X  
    H Communications/Electronics, & Meteorological Equipment 2   X  
    J Support Equipment 2   X  
    K Missiles 2 X X  
    L Training Devices, Simulators & Targets 2   X  
  3   Repair & Rehabilitation (R&R) of Excess Material (FY 63 and Prior Year Only):        
    A Repair & Rehab of Aircraft & Aircraft Engine Overhauls (Including IRAN) 1 X    
    B Overhaul of Ships 1 X    
    C Repair & Rehabilitation, Other 1 X    
  4 A Contractor-Provided Overhaul/Repair & Rehabilitation of Non-Standard Equipment   X    
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