DSCA Waiver
IMET-Funded Training Waiver Request

Request Date:


Waiver Requesting (check applicable box below):

High Cost Training


Post Graduate Courses


Mobile Training Team (MTT)


Sensitive Training


Non-MOD civilian students


Short Duration Courses


If other than listed above, specify:


1. Requested Training:



Course Title:




Training Location:


Training Start Date:


Training End Date:


Student Rank:


Student Service:


Student WCN:


Type of Course:


Funding Source/Program:


Case Designator:


Tuition Cost:


TLA Cost:


Total Cost:


MTT Only –Total Students:


Course TMASL:




2. Justifications

Describe why this training is required:

  • What is the Combined Education and Training Program Plan (CETPP) objective?

  • What country’s military capability does this training help develop?

  • Provide funding rationale and any urgency for the waiver.

  • For sensitive training; e.g, Sniper, provide any past approval history




Describe the impact to the Country’s overall training program if the waiver is not granted.

  • Does this capability exist in the country?

  • Considering attrition factor, how long does it take to meet host nation objectives?

  • What are the benefits, tangible or intangible, for the United States by providing this training?




If requesting IMET course cancellation or substitution, provide:

  • Reason for cancellation or substitution

  • Overall percentage of PME or EIMET after the proposed changes

  • If it still meets the minimum required percentage.

If requesting to substitute another course, provide specific course information, and if there is sufficient fund to pay for the course.





If requesting Master/Graduate Degree courses:


  • Indicate the total seats programmed for the same courses in the same fiscal year from other funding sources (FMS/FMF/IMET/BPC/Section 333, etc.).

  • Provide political and/or military significance of this training.




MTT/MET Students information will be recorded in SAN/SC-TMS by SCO/Country Team upon completion of MTT/MET:




3. Additional Remarks:




4. Approvals















COCOM Approval:














DSCA Approval: