Example of Invitational Travel Order from SC-TMS


1. ITO Number: BN-B-OBSOOI-1420

2. Country/organization: BANDARIA

3. Date: 21-0ct-11

The U.S. Government hereby issues this ITO for the IMS herein named to attend the course(s) of instruction herein listed, subject to the terms and conditions contained herein, and as may be amended by competent authority. This ITO is the only document that will be used and is valid only for the IMS entering U.S. training under the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended, or the Arms Export Control Act

Definitions of acronyms and abbreviations contained in this document, and instructions for completing this form are provided in the Joint Security Cooperation Education and Training Regulation, JSCETR / Joint Security Assistance Training Regulation, JSATR (SECNAVINST 4950.4A/AR 12-15/AFI 16-105). This computer generated, letter format ITO is authorized in accordance with the Security Assistance Management Manual (SAMM)

  1. Issuing Security Cooperation Organization (SCO)

    1. Name of organization: Office of Military Cooperation

    2. Mailing Address: 2020 Diplomatic Place Washington, DC 20521

    3. E-mail Address: -----@state.gov

  2. Program Type: FMS: Foreign Military sales BN-B-OBSOO??

  3. IMS Information

    1. Surname: RAVUNAKANA First Name: KHALID

    2. Sex: MALE

    3. Country Service Rank: Major

    4. U.S. Equivalent Rank/pay Grade: 03

    5. Country Service: Army

    6. Country Service Number: 9432

    7. Date of Birth: 06-Jun-78

    8. Place of Birth: CAPITAL CITY BANDARIA

    9. Passport Number: 2319017

    10. Country of citizenship: BANDARIA

    11. Visa Number: c361955

    12. Visa Type: A-2

  4. Invitation

    The Secretary of Department of the Army invites the IMS listed in Item 6 of this Order, to proceed from BANDARIA to FORT SAM HOUSTON TX 78234-6200, reporting on 01-DEC-11 for the purpose of commencing training listed in Item 8 of this Order.

  5. Authorized Training: No additional training to that specified in this order will be provided.
    Case: OBSOOI

    a. WCN: 1420a 118819.2
    MSL: A173211
    Military Service Course No: 300-68W10
    Location: FORT SAM HOUSTON, TX 78234-6100
    Report Date: 01-DEC-11
    End Date: 08-DEC-11

    b. WCN: 120b
    MSL: B126633
    Military Service Course No: 300-ASIW1
    Location: FT BRAGG, NC 28310
    Report Date: 09-DEC-11
    End Date: 17-DEC-11

  6. Funding

    1. a. Fund Cite: 097 8242BNXTXX A57XX 0BS001B 21T0 14200 BBN0538039Y001 F12BN0BS14200 20000832 021001

  7. Language Prerequisites:

    1. Highest: Required ECL: 75

    2. IMS completed In-country English language Testing as follows:
      ECL Exam NO: B21 Date Completed: 25-0ct-11 Score: 88

  8. Security and Student Screening:

    1. Human Rights, Security, and Medical screening have been completed in accordance with Section C10.8., and JSCET paragraph 10-39 for IMS listed in item 6 of this order. The IMS was properly screened via Department of State (INVEST) and within DoD, Homeland Security and other required databases for records of Gross Violations of human rights, Human Rights abuses, drug trafficking, support of terrorist activity, corruption, criminal conduct, or other activities inconsistent with U.S. policy goals.

    2. U.S. security requirements have been complied with. All training will be conducted on an unclassified basis.

  9. Conditions:

    1. Dependents. Dependents are not authorized by U.S. authority to accompany the IMS or join the IMS while in training.

    2. Medical services.
      (1) IMS:
      b. IMS under FMS.
      2. FMS Case for NON NATO IMS. Charges for outpatient and inpatient care, immunizations, and medical examinations are chargeable to the FMS Case and will be forwarded to the appropriate MILDEP for processing.
      (d) Medical Examinations.
      1. Medical Examination, to include HIV Test, was completed on 04-0ct-11.

    3. Participation in Hazardous Duty.
      IMS is authorized to participate in hazardous duty training.

    4. Physical Fitness Training.

      Participation in physical fitness training is required. Check SC-TMS MASL Course Description, International Notes, and prerequisites for prerequisite physical fitness requirements.

    5. Leave.
      Upon completion of training, IMS is not authorized leave, and will proceed immediately as directed to home country.

    6. Living Allowances.
      Living allowance is the responsibility of the foreign government.

    7. Travel.
      Travel is responsibility of the foreign government.

    8. Travel by POV.
      IMS is not authorized to travel by POV.

    9. Baggage. Training twelve weeks or less in total duration: IMS authorized 2 pieces, not to exceed 50 pounds (22.7 kilograms) each.

  10. Terms:

    1. Prior to departure from home country, the IMS and dependents listed herein are required to be medically examined and found physically acceptable in accordance with the health provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 USC 1182(A)(1)-(7); Public Health Service, Department of Health and Human Services, 42 CFR Part 34, Medical Examination of Aliens, and 42 CFR Part 71, Foreign Quarantine; applicable U.S. MILDEP regulations; and other U.S. laws or DoD directives and regulations which may be enacted from time to time.

    2. The home country will ensure that the IMS has sufficient funds in U.S. dollar instruments to meet all expenses while in route to, and for the first thirty days of training pending receipt of applicable pay and allowances by the IMS.

    3. The IMS and dependents listed are required to acquire and maintain healthcare insurance coverage through the duration of their training in the United States. The IMS will be responsible for custodial fees and personal debts incurred by self or family members. This includes accepting responsibility for reimbursing the providers of all emergency/ non-elective medical costs for the IMS and all authorized dependents during their stay in the United States. If the IMS permits his healthcare policy to lapse, is unable to meet these financial obligations and the home country government has not agreed to indemnify the costs, the IMS may be withdrawn from training and returned to home country. This will jeopardize future grant funding and training allocations for the country.

    4. The IMS will bring adequate uniforms and work clothing for field duty or technical work. U.S. fatigue uniforms and footwear will be purchased by the IMS in the event that the country work uniforms are inadequate. When flying training is involved, required special flight clothing and individual equipment will accompany the IMS, or provisions will be made by the home country or the IMS to obtain the use of all necessary equipment prior to start of training. The IMS will also possess adequate civilian clothing for off-duty wear.

    5. The Government of the United States is responsible for IMS travel which is part of the training program and for which costs are part of the course tuition.

    6. The IMS will comply with all applicable U.S. MILDEP regulations.

    7. The United States may cancel training and return to country IMS who violate U.S. law or MILDEP regulation or who are found otherwise unsatisfactory. The IMS government will be alerted to such action in accordance with U.S. MILDEP regulations.

    8. The Government of the United States disclaims any liability or financial responsibility for injuries received by the IMS listed herein while in transit to and from the training installation, while undergoing training or while in leave status, and any liability or financial responsibility for personal injury claims or property damage claims resulting from the IMS action.

    9. The IMS will participate in flights of U.S. military aircraft as required for scheduled course(s) or as specified in U.S. MILDEP regulations.

    10. The acceptance of this order by the host nation constitutes agreement that an IMET funded student will be utilized, upon return to the host nation, in the skills for which he was trained for a period of time sufficient to warrant the expense to the U.S. Government, in accordance with the SAMM, Chapter 10.

  11. Implementing Authority:

    1. MILDEP Authorization: 0279796

    2. Date: 13-0ct-11

  12. Special Conditions/Remarks:

    1. IMS was provided cash advance of $ 2, 000.00 as authorized.

  13. Distribution:

    FORT SAM HOUSTON, TX 78234-6100
    FT BRAGG. NC 28310

  14. ITO Authorization:

    1. Signature of U.S. Authority Authenticating Orders: MAJ SMITH, STEVE, USA

    2. Title: Chief, Army Programs