Command Letterhead



Director, [insert Command]


Director, Defense Security Cooperation Agency
Attn: Programs Directorate


Subject: Request For Waiver To Perform Joint Visual Inspection (JVI) of Excess Defense Articles (EDA) Prior to Transfer Approval

This memorandum requests that a waiver be granted by DSCA allowing a JVI to be performed on [insert item] in support of the proposed EDA transfer to [insert country]. Transfer approval has not yet been granted by DSCA for this proposed transfer. The enclosed is forwarded for your consideration.

  • Proposed Recipient: [insert country name and armed forces branch]

  • Equipment/Materiel: [insert name and nomenclature]

  • Excess Quantity: [insert quantity]

  • Date EDA Request was submitted to DSCA: [insert month, date and year]

  • Proposed Transfer Date of EDA: [insert month, date and year]

  • Proposed Date of JVI: [insert month, date and year]

  • Detailed Justification for the JVI: (include special circumstances why this JVI must be performed prior to transfer approval being granted; why it is advantageous to U.S. interests to perform JVI early, adverse consequences to materiel or schedule if JVI is not performed early, etc.)

  • Cost of JVI: [insert dollar value] (It must be explained to the customer that if transfer approval is not granted, they will still be responsible for these costs.)

  • Case Designator for the JVI: (include Letter of Offer and Acceptance [LOA] designator and Amendment or Modification number if applicable):

If a waiver is approved, [insert Command] will make every effort to prevent the false impression, on the part of the recipient country, that a transfer of the items inspected will take place once or because a JVI has been completed. [Insert Command] will ensure that the U.S. [insert IA], to include any individual representing the U.S. [insert IA], will not make commitments, expressed or implied, to furnish funds, goods or services in relation to this proposed EDA transfer to [insert country] until transfer approval has been granted.

The point of contact for this action is [insert name, telephone number, and e-mail address].