Command Letterhead



Director, [insert Command]


Director, Defense Security Cooperation Agency


Subject: Recommendation To Transfer Excess Defense Articles [insert as grant or sale]


Encl: Excess Defense Article (EDA) Worksheet – [Insert item being transferred]


This memorandum provides information on the proposed transfer of excess [insert item description] to [insert country]. The enclosed is forwarded for your consideration.

The Command knows of no U.S. industry initiative to market similar [insert item description] to [insert country].

There will be no adverse impact upon U.S. military readiness as a result of this transfer. Further, the items are excess to Department of Defense requirements, including those of the National Guard and Reserve Components.

The proposed transfer [does or does not] contain equipment that includes Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) controlled items. (If it does contain MTCR controlled items add the following: A list of possible MTCR controlled items was sent to DSCA on [insert date] and a copy is attached.) The equipment has been checked by a qualified reviewer and is MTCR compliant.

Recommend that the U.S. Government offer [insert item description] to [insert country] as a [indicate whether it is for grant or sale].

The point of contact for this action is [insert name, telephone number, and e-mail address].






Proposed Recipient:

[insert country and armed forces branch]

Applicable Section of FAA/AECA:

[insert transfer authority]






National Stock Number:




Excess Quantity:


Serial Number:
(if applicable)



Detailed Justification for the Transfer (include equipment application, mission, capability, supportability, suitability, quantity of similar equipment previously transferred, and quantity of equipment based on force requirements):

Other foreign requirements and why this requirement should be satisfied (if EDA Coordinating Committee has not reviewed these allocations):

Unit Original Acquisition Value (in case of multiple spares, include method used to assess total value of lot(s)): [insert dollar figure]

Materiel Condition and Current Unit Value (include method used to assess value in accordance with DoD 7000.14-R, Volume 15, Chapter 7, paragraph 070304).


Materiel condition as defined by paragraph 070304 is:

[insert Condition Code].

Unit current value is

[insert dollar figure].

Estimated Total Package Cost:
(to include item(s) if a sale, refurbishment, training and PCH&T)

[insert dollar value]

Estimated Total Acquisition Value:

[insert dollar value]

Estimated Total Current Value:

[insert dollar value]

(Reference DoD 7000.14-R, “DoD Financial Management Regulation,” Volume 15, Chapter 7, paragraph 070304)