Embassy of the United States of America
Office of Military Cooperation


July 19, 2011


[Rank and Name]

Chief of Staff
Ministry of Defense


Dear [Rank and Name]:



I would like to inform the Ministry of Defense of the arrival of a cargo vessel that will be transporting a shipment of equipment for the Bandarian Special Operations Force (BSOF) under [program name]. I request your assistance in facilitating processing of the equipment through local Customs. All of the equipment will be ferried directly to Bandaria International Harbor and should be received by the BSOF representatives on or about July 07, 2011.

Enclosed with this letter is a list of ammunition and equipment that is expected to arrive.

If you have any questions regarding this issue, please have your staff contact my Security Cooperation Officer, [Full Name and phone].

As always, I remain prepared to assist you in this important endeavor.




[Full Name]
Colonel, U.S. Army
Senior U.S. Defense Representative
Chief, Office of Military Cooperation



Case Advisory to Bandaria, February 20, 2011
Materiel Shipping List