MEMORANDUM FOR (or LETTER TO) DSCA (Attention: Directorate of Business Operations (DBO)) (U)


SUBJECT: Enhancement or Upgrade of Sensitivity of Technology Item(s) Planned to be Delivered, AECA, Section 36(b)(5)(A) Report (U)


  1. (*) The following supporting data are provided in accordance with the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) Security Assistance Management Manual:

    1. (*) Prospective Purchaser:

    2. (*) Purchaser's reference and date of LOR:
      Attach a copy of the country’s LOR (submit to DSCA within ten days of the LOR).

    3. (*) DoD Component:

    4. (*) Case Designator:

    5. (*) AECA, section 36(b)(1) Certification Number:

  2. (*) Description of the manner in which the technology or capability has been enhanced or upgraded, including the significance of such enhancement or upgrade from the level previously described in the original AECA, section 36(b)(1) Certification:

    1. (*) Estimated net cost of enhancement or upgrade:

    2. (*) Quantity and item(s) or service(s) to which change(s) apply (indicate whether MDE):

    3. (*) Next planned delivery date of item(s) or service(s):

    4. (*) Detailed justification for the sale of such enhancement or upgrade:

  3. (*) Action officer's name, organization, and telephone number.


Attachment: Copy of original AECA, section 36(b)(1) Notification


*If the sale is classified, attach justification. Mark each paragraph with appropriate security classification level in accordance with classification guidelines and identify the classifying authority and declassification date.