NOTE: Memorandum is classified if applicable.





SUBJECT: Letter of Request (LOR) Advisory - [Insert Country or International Organization Name]


The [Implementing Agency] has received a request from [insert Country or International Organization Name] for Air-to-Surface or Indirect Fire Surface-to-Surface Munitions and their Delivery Systems.

[The LOR Advisory should include an initial recommendation on whether a U.S. targeting capability should accompany the munition or delivery platform case and should also include the following information, if available:

  1. Whether the IA supports release of the munition, delivery platform, warhead, and/or fuse to the country;

  2. Whether the requested transfer would be the first for the specified munition/platform to the country, or whether the country already has the requested munition/platform in its inventory;

  3. For munitions requests, on what platform the munition will be integrated;

  4. For delivery platforms, what munition(s) the IA reasonably expects the country to employ using the platform;

  5. Quantity of munition(s) requested, if applicable;

  6. Whether mission planning and/or targeting capabilities are included in the request;

  7. Whether the country has targeting tools currently in their inventory, if known;

  8. Any other relevant comments.

If any of this information is not available within 14 calendar days of receipt of the LOR, the IA may proceed with the Advisory without it.]

The purpose of this memorandum is to advise you of this request and provide you with a copy for your use and information. If you have any questions or desire additional information regarding this potential sale, please contact [insert name, office symbol, phone number, and e-mail address.


[Insert Purchaser Request Information]


NOTE: Memorandum is classified if applicable.