1. (*) Identify all defense articles or services proposed for sale and the estimated total cost of the offer to be made to the prospective purchaser.

  2. (*) Describe how the proposed sale will enhance the foreign policy and national security objectives of the United States. Give reasons why the sale is in the national security interests of the United States.

  3. (*) Describe the impact of the proposed sale on regional foreign policy and military developments.

  4. (*) A short paragraph answering:

    1. Why the prospective purchaser needs these defense articles or services?

    2. How the defense articles and services will be used and the resulting effect on the purchaser's military capability?

    3. Ability of the prospective purchaser to absorb and use the defense articles or services.

    4. Was the sale due, in part, to the results of a U.S. survey?

  5. (*) Estimate the number of U.S. Government and contractor representatives (include length of time in-country involved in the sale).

  6. (*) Name of each contractor involved in the sale (include the name of the contractor(s), city and state).

  7. (*) Are there any proposed offset agreements for the sale? If yes, attach a classified Offset Certificate.


*Mark each paragraph with appropriate security classification level in accordance with classification guidelines and identify the classifying authority and declassification date.