EX-Number Request Letter Information


  1. Request Letter. The request letter:

    1. Specifies the regulation under which the approval is being sought and indicates both the asset product description and the entity or organization to be named on the EX-Number.

    2. Clearly provides the article product description (article and packaging configuration), highlighting details of all modifications relative to the original configuration purchased through FMS, particularly those potentially affecting the article’s explosive energetics and means of initiation or ignition.

    3. Identifies by name, U.S. address, U.S. phone number, and email, an agent for service that permanently resides in the U.S. (per 49 CFR § 105.40), for DOT/PHMSA to contact should more information be needed to evaluate the application. The purchaser can use a contact at its embassy or consulate located in the U.S. as the designated agent.

  2. Competent Authority Approval. The purchaser’s Competent Authority should issue an authorization indicating the product description, Part Number, NSN (if applicable), hazard classification/division, proper shipping name, UN identification number, and any relevant packaging instructions. The authorization must have a certified signature to be valid and should be included as an enclosure. NOTE: A new NSN is required if the form, fit, or function, or explosive energetics of the article has been modified.

  3. Provides as an enclosure, a copy of engineering diagrams or drawings specifically showing the physical arrangement of all explosive-containing subassemblies or assemblies that are parts of the modified article, to include illustration of the article’s physical packaging arrangement.

  4. Provides as an enclosure, a copy of a table supplementing the engineering diagrams by providing the technical names, location callouts, and weights of all explosive compositions in the modified article’s subassemblies and assemblies.

  5. A statement certifying, or not, that the item has been maintained and stored in accordance with DoD-provided maintenance and storage procedures.