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Figure C9.F2.


A. Personnel:

Position/ Function Grade/Rank/Contractor Organization Line Item on LOA Work Years of Effort Duration (From/To) Total Cost Corresponding Table C9.T2. Row #

B. Travel:

Purpose of Trip CONUS or In-Country Line Item on LOA Number of Trips Duration of Each Trip Number of People Each Trip Total Cost Corresponding Table C9.T2. Row #

C. Personnel Support Costs:

(i.e., office space, equipment, furniture, communications, supplies, etc.)

Type of Support Total Cost Corresponding Table C9.T2. Row #

D. Narrative Description:


(Use this section to describe the life of any services lines and any Program Management Lines (PMLs) in relation to the delivery schedule of the item(s). Provide the number of months of program management support beyond final delivery (not to exceed 6 months) and supporting information. [NOTE: Cases “accepted” on or after August 1, 2006 will not include PML requirements. Existing PMLs (on cases “accepted” prior to August 1, 2006) may continue until fully executed and will continue to be reported using this data sheet.] Clearly define for each of these line items exactly what support beyond the “Standard Level of Service” is required. This information must also be included in the LOA line item description notes and must be unique/tailored for each individual case.)

E. Additional Comments:


F. Point of Contact for Further Information Regarding Manpower on this Case: