[Separately to Senate Appropriations Committee
and House Appropriations Committee addresses]



Dear Mr. Chairman:

Pursuant to Section 23(g)(1) of the Arms Export Control Act, as amended, we are submitting a notification concerning the request for the Government of [insert Country] to cash flow finance [insert a “Letter of Offer and Acceptance (LOA),” “an amendment to a Letter of Offer and Acceptance,” or “a commercial contract with (company)”] for the purchase of [insert concise description of defense articles and services].

The total estimated amount of the [insert “LOA,” “amendment to the LOA”, or “direct commercial contract”] is [insert value, must be $100M or more], of which [insert value] shall be financed on a cash flow basis*. The cash flow amount shall be paid from the Purchaser’s national funds in the event that sufficient fiscal year [insert year following current year allocations] Foreign Military Financing (FMF) or later fiscal year FMF funds are not available to cover the anticipated payments.




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*When applicable, the following sentence should be added here: “The Purchaser expects to finance approximately [insert value] from national funds.”