AECA, Section 42(c) Determination


Pursuant to Section 42(c) of the Arms Export Control Act and the authority thereunder delegated by Executive Order 13637 to the Secretary of Defense (and successively redelegated on February 12, 1972, and February 24, 1972, to the Director, DSCA, or, in his or her absence, the Deputy Director, DSCA), I hereby determine that procurement outside the United States

[for the Government of [insert country] under a Letter of Offer and Acceptance]

[by the Government of [insert country] pursuant to a direct commercial contract]

of [insert general description of defense articles or services] will not result in adverse effects upon the economy of the United States or the industrial mobilization base, and I therefore authorize the use of Foreign Military Financing funds made available to the Government of [insert country] for such procurement.



Director, DSCA




Department of the Treasury


Department of State