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Mandatory for FMS LOAs that have waived administrative surcharges, indirect costs and costs of billeting of trainees on non-dedicated training based on reciprocal training agreements. Reimbursement of waived costs may be required to be made from appropriations available to the DoD.

Mandatory for Amendments and Modifications even if the administrative surcharges are not affected by the changes being made.


See Table C10.T13. and Table C10.T14. for applicable agreements.

Note Text

"This LOA provides non-dedicated training on line item(s) [insert line item numbers] under reciprocal training agreement [insert title of the agreement] effective [insert effective date of the agreement] authorized under the provisions of Section 21(g) of the AECA (22 U.S.C. § 2761(g)). Administrative surcharges, [insert "to include the Small Case Management Line (SCML) value" if administrative surcharges have been waived on the entire case] totaling [insert dollar value] are applicable to the non-dedicated training on this LOA. The waived administrative surcharges will be reimbursed by [insert organization name] and have been reserved on [insert miscellaneous obligation document number]."