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Note Usage

Mandatory for BPC LOAs that involve ferrying of aircraft.

Mandatory for Amendments that add Aircraft Ferrying to the case.



Note Text

"The U.S. Government will provide for ferrying of aircraft to the point of delivery specified in this LOA."

  1. The U.S. Government will accept title to the aircraft from the contractor, and title will remain with the U.S. Government until arrival at the point of delivery and signature of the Transfer and Receipt document.

  2. Any pre-existing U.S. Government markings will be removed by DoD prior to delivery

  3. In accordance with existing agreements, the U.S. Government should not be subject to or held liable for any import fees, duties, or other charges levied by the Benefitting Country

  4. Date of delivery to final destination will be contingent upon the receipt of necessary over flight and other clearances.

  5. The U.S. Government will fund all en route costs including, but not limited to, any maintenance required to ensure that the aircraft is in a safe condition, in accordance with current U.S. Government regulations, prior to flight."