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Mandatory for BPC LOAs which include defense articles.

Mandatory for Amendments and Modifications to BPC LOAs that include defense articles.

Note Text
  1. "1. Shipment and Delivery:

    1. All shipments will be marked and labeled in accordance with DoD Standard Practice for Military Marking (MIL-STD 129).

    2. The U.S. Government agrees to provide transportation services for the items identified in this LOA to the agreed point of delivery in the Benefitting Country. The SCO (or U.S. Government representative) will confirm receipt of all materiel deliveries within 30 days in accordance with SAMM Ch

    3. Any shipment discrepancies or damage will be reported by a U.S. Government representative through the existing DoD discrepancy reporting system (Transportation Discrepancy Report (TDR) or Supply Discrepancy Report (SDR)), according to procedures for processing U.S. Government-owned materiel transported through the Defense Transportation System (DTS)). The SDR (Standard Form 364) will be used by the SCO to promptly report any overage, shortage, damage, item deficiency, improper identification, improper documentation, or non-shipment of defense articles. The SCO may submit SDRs for documentation purposes regardless of the dollar value of the discrepancy, but only claims valued at $200 or more (based on the value of the item plus any transportation and handling costs) will be reviewed for possible funding reimbursement. Discrepant articles will be returned to the U.S. Government's custody. Any claim, including a claim for shortage or nonperformance, received more than one year after delivery of the defense articles to the Benefitting Country (or after the end of the scheduled period of performance for services) will not be processed.

  2. Title and Custody Transfer:

    1. The U.S. Government will retain title to and custody of the offered defense articles throughout transportation and delivery to the Benefitting Country, unless otherwise stated in this LOA.

    2. The U.S. Government representative will confirm delivery of materiel title and custody to an authorized Benefitting Country representative or agent by jointly signing a Transfer and Receipt document. The U.S. Government representative will keep documentation showing when, where, and to whom delivery was made and will provide a copy of this documentation to the DSCA Program Director and the IA."