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Contract Administration Services (CAS) Surcharge

Note Input Responsibility: 
Note Usage: 

Mandatory for FMS and BPC LOAs when any lines use a Source of Supply of "X" or "P."

Mandatory for Amendments and Modifications when any lines use a Source of Supply of "X" or "P" even if the CAS is not affected by the changes being made.

References : 
Note Text : 

"For any lines on this LOA document with a Source of Supply of 'X' or 'P,' the Contract Administration Services (CAS) surcharge rates apply: for Contract Administration, ___%; for Quality Assurance and Inspection, ___%; for Contract Audit, ___%, for Overseas CAS, ___% [if Overseas CAS is applicable]. CAS has only been applied to the portion of "X"-coded line items expected to come from procurement."

If a CAS waiver applies, add the following statement:

"A waiver is authorized for the following CAS components: [fill in those that apply] based on [add reference and date]."