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Cooperative Logistics Supply Support Arrangement (CLSSA) - FMSO I Purpose

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Mandatory for FMSO I FMS LOAs.

Mandatory for Amendments and Modifications to FMSO I LOAs.

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"Cooperative Logistics Supply Support Arrangement (CLSSA) is an agreement between a Military Department and a purchaser; setting forth the terms and conditions under which the Department of Defense will provide supply support of common weapons systems on an equal basis with U.S. Forces in accordance with the purchaser's Force Activity Designator (FAD) and the Uniform Materiel Movement and Issue Priority System (UMMIPS). This FMSO I case provides an equity investment for defense articles to support a purchaser's anticipated requirement in the DoD inventory. The Military Department uses this equity investment to procure additional levels of centrally stocked or centrally managed items, in preparation for purchase order."