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The estimated delivery to the Partner Nation is a key milestone used to determine the permissible periods of performance under the Full Operational Capability (FOC) provision in accordance with 10 USC Section 333(g)(2)(B).

This note is mandatory for Section 333 LOAs that provide equipment associated with desired follow-on defense articles, training, defense services, supplies or small scale construction. Only list relevant case lines which require FOC follow-on support.

Mandatory for any Modifications and Amendments if not included on the basic case, or a previous Estimated Delivery case note was used prior to December 15, 2020.



Note Text

Equipment within this LOA that is being delivered under a program authorized to utilize the Full Operational Capability (FOC) authority under 10 USC Section 333(g)(2)(B) must be delivered to the U.S. Government no later than the end of the subsequent fiscal year after the program's first obligation of funds.

Below is the estimated delivery schedule to the Partner Nation for the equipment being provided under a program utilizing FOC authority:


Delivery to Partner



CY____ QTR____