Note Input Responsibility
Note Usage

Mandatory for all BPC LOAs with a DoD Fund Source implemented on or after January 10, 2013.

Mandatory for Amendments and Modifications associated with Basic BPC LOAs implemented on or after January 10, 2013. BPC LOAs, Amendments, and Modifications implemented prior to January 10, 2013 will retain their original note structure.


Use with data from Table C15.T2.

Note Text

"Funds are provided in support of authority to [insert Purpose].

1. The funds are subject to all the requirements and restrictions specified under [insert Program Authority and, if different, Appropriation Authority]

2. The funds carry the time, purpose, and availability restrictions associated with fund source [insert Fund Source].

3. (for funds that cancel) "Funds not obligated within the period of availability ending on [insert Funds Availability End date] will be rendered unavailable for new obligations unless a subsequent authority extends the period of availability. Funds will cancel at midnight on [insert Funds Cancel date]."

3. (for funds that do not cancel) "Funds are available for an indefinite period."

4. This is the only source of funding for costs associated with this LOA and funds are limited to the total estimated cost of this LOA. Neither DSCA nor the IA has other funds legally available to them for this requirement or for any costs that exceed the value of this LOA."