Note Input Responsibility
Note Usage

Mandatory for all Amendments and Modifications to FY20/21 Title 10-funded BPC defense articles and services cases implemented prior to August 14, 2020.


Use with data from Table C15.T2. as applicable.

Note Text

"Administrative surcharges are excluded from new line(s) [insert applicable line numbers], and will be funded through the program's current year, program-wide support case (or through other funds distribution processes (e.g., FADs, MIPRs), if applicable)."

[delete first paragraph if no new Lines were added after 14 Aug 2020]

"Administrative surcharge adjustments made due to increases or decreases to existing lines (implemented prior to 14 August 2020) are addressed in the applicable Administrative Surcharge case note in this LOA.

All other indirect charges (Contract Administration Services (CAS), Transportation and Packing, Crating & Handling (PC&H)), as allowed under policy related to the Interim BPC Accounting Solution, will continue under the provisions provided in the previous version of this LOA (see relative case notes within this LOA)."