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Mandatory for FMS LOAs for sales of NVDs or image intensifier tubes.

Mandatory for Amendments and Modifications that include NVDs or image intensifier tubes. Amendments and Modifications must include the newest version of the note if not on the implemented version of the case.

Mandatory for Amendments that add no additional NVDs or image intensifier tubes if the note on the current implemented version of the case varies from this text.



Note Text


  1. "The purchaser agrees to secure the Night Vision Devices (NVDs) transferred by the U.S. Government against loss, theft, or unauthorized access, and to perform routine inventory checks. The purchaser agrees to provide the Security Cooperation Organization (SCO) and/or other appropriate U.S. Government representatives a written physical security and accountability control plan within 30 days of acceptance of this offer. Inventory and accountability records maintained by the purchaser must be retained for at least one year and made available for review upon U.S. Government request. Upon request, the U.S. Government must be permitted to conduct an inspection and inventory of the devices listed in this offer by serial number. In case of the destruction, loss, theft, or unauthorized access of any NVDs listed in this offer, the purchaser agrees to report the incident immediately to the U.S. Government (e.g. via the SCO to the Defense Technology Security Administration (DTSA)). The purchaser agrees to provide a written report with details of the incident within 30 calendar days to the U.S. Government. This report will include the steps being taken both to recover the equipment (if applicable) and to prevent recurrence.

  2. The purchaser will ensure that the following minimum physical security and accountability measures are met for all NVDs transferred on this LOA:

    1. Physical Security: When not issued for use, the unit commander will provide NVD controlled-access, double barrier protection. Examples of double barrier protection include: a locked, built-in or free-standing steel container, which is secured to a locked or guarded building, enclosed van, trailer or armored vehicle; a locked steel cage or vault secured in a locked or guarded structure. When in use, individuals issued NVDs will secure the devices and be responsible for maintaining control of the devices at all times. NVDs may be secured inside a locked, enclosed van, trailer, or armored vehicle if these vehicles remain under constant surveillance.

    2. Accountability: While not issued for use, the unit commander or designated representatives will conduct monthly 100% physical count inventories and quarterly 100% inventories by serial number of the NVD. Records of these inventories will be kept for one year. While issued for use, the unit commander or designated representatives will perform a daily visual inventory of the NVD.

  3. The Director, DTSA authorized this transfer as delineated in the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) Night Vision Release Authorization Memorandum (a) dated: [insert date(s) or "N/A"].”