Note Input Responsibility
Note Usage

Mandatory for FMS LOAs when a Nonrecurring Cost charge applies and:

  1. The costs are included in the price; and

  2. A waiver has been requested but has not yet been approved/disapproved.

Mandatory for Amendments and Modifications when line items are added and an NC charge applies to the new lines and a waiver has been requested but not approved/disapproved; or quantities are increased on line items where an NC charge applies and a waiver has been requested but not approved/disapproved.

This note cannot be used if the justification for the waiver is "Loss of Sale" since "Loss of Sale" waivers must be approved prior to LOA (or Amendment when items are being added) signature/ acceptance.

Note Text

"Nonrecurring Costs (NC) apply to line item(s) [insert numbers] of this FMS case and are included within the cost of the line item. The purchaser's request for waiver of NC charges against line item [insert number] is under review and was forwarded to DSCA on [insert date]. If this waiver is approved, an LOA Amendment or Modification will be prepared to delete these costs from this case."