Note Input Responsibility
Note Usage

Mandatory for FMS LOAs that include approved specific source procurement designations.

Mandatory for Amendments and Modifications only when they add or change designations for specific source procurement. Previous versions of this note should remain on the LOA if there have been no changes to the specific source designation.

When multiple prime/subcontractors are used, affecting multiple lines on the case, the information should be in a 2-column format to make clear which subcontractor(s) are working for each prime contractor.

Note Text

"The purchaser has requested in a letter dated [insert date] that [insert name of specific firm or other private source] be designated as [insert "prime contractor" or "subcontractor"] for line/items(s) [insert line item numbers] of this Letter of Offer and Acceptance.

This note is confirmation that a specific source designation has been requested in writing by the purchaser and that the Department of Defense has accepted the request."