Note Input Responsibility
Note Usage

Mandatory for FMS LOAs when shipment consolidation of LOA articles is anticipated.

Mandatory for Amendments and Modifications that add consolidated shipments if the note was not previously included on the case.

Note Text

"Materiel provided on lines ____ of this LOA will be moved to a consolidation point before onward transportation to the foreign purchaser. The consolidation point is responsible for the receiving, storage, control of inventory, repacking, (if required) crating, and containerization of materiel. The purchaser will be billed for assessorial charges only to the extent that the U.S. Government incurs cost. The consolidation address is as follows: [insert name and address of consolidation point].

Supplemental to LOA Standard Terms and Conditions paragraph 5.4., if the U.S. Government determines that delivery was delayed more than 90 days following passage of title due to shipment consolidation, the date of the shipment from the consolidation location may be used as the start point in determining the one-year period for claim eligibility only."