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Mandatory for State Department Directed FMF Procurement LOAs which include training or services provided by U.S. Government personnel.

Mandatory for Amendments and Modifications to State Department Directed FMF Procurement LOAs which add training or services provided by U.S. Government personnel.

Note Text
  1. "Personnel Deployment:

    1. Personnel deployment dates will be established in coordination with the Security Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the Benefitting Country and upon confirmation that all training equipment, tools, facilities and interpreter support (if required) are available/operational, and that all Benefitting Country students are vetted and available at the training site.

    2. U.S. Government and/or U.S. Government contractor personnel are responsible for timely and complete submittal of the necessary information and forms directly to the appropriate Benefitting Country agency for the required passports, visas, licenses, or permits. U.S. personnel are responsible for processing permits for U.S. employees and their dependents directly with the Benefitting Country.

    3. Funds from this LOA will be used to pay the costs of emergency leave travel of team members, if required. Such costs will be charged only to pay for travel from the team location to the nearest international airport in the continental United States and return. If a replacement team member is required, the travel cost from the new member's duty station to the team location will be charged. If there are insufficient funds on the LOA to cover the expenses, the LOA will be modified or amended to include these costs.

  2. Team Control:

    1. The Combatant Command will exercise general supervision over the in-country operations and activities of the team through the SCO. The SCO will provide operational oversight and administrative support to the deployed team.

    2. Team personnel will not engage in or provide assistance or advice to the Benefitting Country in a combat or potential combat situation.

    3. U.S military team members will perform the duties of their office with the title and rank that they hold and will wear proper, corresponding uniform and insignia or civilian clothing, as prescribed by the U.S. Senior Defense Official (SDO) in country; civilian members will hold the precedence assigned by the Team Chief in accordance with their Civil Service grade.

  3. Transportation In-country:

    1. Transportation arrangements for the team may be made by the SCO, but will be funded by this LOA.

    2. Rental/lease of vehicle(s), or commercial airline transportation within the Benefitting Country, should that be necessary for team support, will be charged to this LOA.

    3. For short periods/distances in-country, the SCO may arrange and/or provide a vehicle or other appropriate means of transportation. Maintenance of vehicle(s), fuel, insurance, oils, and lubricants will be charged to this LOA."