Note Input Responsibility
Note Usage

Mandatory for FMS LOAs that include any TDPs for O&M. Each LOA will state "TDP for operation and maintenance (no production authorized)" underneath the MASL description.

Mandatory for Amendments and Modifications that add or change TDPs for O&M.

Note Text

"The technical data package offered herein is provided only for the purpose of operation and maintenance of the [insert defense article] transferred to [insert TDP purchaser] with U.S. Government approval. Should any new operation or maintenance procedures be developed by [insert purchaser] for the [insert defense article], they will be shared without charge with the U.S. program manager. In making this FMS offer to [insert purchaser], the U.S. Government makes no prior commitment or authorization for [insert purchaser] to manufacture the defense equipment described herein. Separate U.S. Government approval is required for such manufacture. The purchaser agrees that unless specific authorization is provided in writing from the U.S. Government, the technical data package will not be used for production."