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Rewrite of the Security Assistance Management Manual (SAMM) (DSCA 00-02)

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency is pleased to announce the "kick-off" of a major effort to completely rewrite the SAMM. The SAMM is the publication containing formal procedures for administering the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program as well as other elements of DoD's Security Cooperation activities. The current version of this document is not very user-friendly and contains too much detail in some areas and not enough detail in others. The revised version will "fix" these problems as well as bring information up-to-date with recent policy changes, FMS reinvention and strategic planning initiatives.

A draft outline of the "new SAMM" has been developed and is attached for your use and information. Please note that this is only a draft -- we anticipate that the form and content of the new document will go through several iterations during the rewrite process. The proposed outline is provided at a very high level and looks similar to the current format. The document will start with general information concerning security cooperation (rationale, authorities), etc. and move into more specific information about particular programs -- much like the current version. The difference will come, however, in the amount of detail afforded to each topic and in our efforts to consolidate all information concerning a topic within a given chapter/section. Our goal is to remove vague rules and replace them with definitive policies and information.

Each major subject area has been assigned a DSCA "owner" who is tasked (via this memorandum) to review/update/rewrite information for each section identified. It may not be appropriate for the "owner" assigned to each area to write all data within that section/chapter -- they should oversee the effort and subtask writing as needed. The first draft of the document will be concerned with content only -- not format. After the subject matter experts are satisfied, PMD will format the document and task the subject owners to coordinate their pieces in-depth. Once the document is fairly complete, it will be coordinated with offices who need to see/comment on the entire work. The planned timeline for these actions is as follows:

Date Description

7 Feb 00

Project kick-off

7 Feb 00 -- 31 May 00 (4 months)

Subject area experts write their paragraphs/sections/chapters. This phase of the project will concentrate on content (vice format).

01 Jun 00 -- 31 Oct 00 (5 months)

Inputs will be consolidated to form a "strawman" document. This phase of the project will be accomplished by a DSCA-led team consisting of one member from the policy office(s) of each of the MILDEPs. This team will not only help provide resources to work the project, but should allow for MILDEP input at an early stage. During this phase, additional topics or potential "holes" in the document will be identified and additional taskings will be issued to fill-in these "holes." Minor editing will be done to start bringing the document into a common format.

01 Nov 00 -- 31 Jan 01 (3 months)

The new draft will be returned to the various authors for a revalidation of the content. At this time, the subject area owners will be asked to coordinate their section/chapter with appropriate offices. While the entire document will be coordinated at a fairly high level, this stage offers the field activities and action officer-level personnel an opportunity to provide input.

01 Feb 01 -- 30 Apr 01 (3 months)

During this phase, DSCA and DISAM will edit the document and put it in the proper format.

01 May 01 -- 31 Jul 01 (3 months)

Formal coordination/revisions/publication.

We are targeting 18 months for this project. This calls for a very aggressive schedule that depends on the cooperation and input of everyone involved. If you have any questions/ideas concerning the content of the "new SAMM," please contact Beth Baker, (703) 604-6612, or e-mail: beth.baker@osd.pentagon.mil. Any proposed changes to the responsibilities/taskings given in the attached outline should be identified as soon a possible to allow subject owners as much time as possible to work on their sections. Thank you in advance for your support during this important project.

Michael S. Davison, Jr.
Lieutenant General, USA

CC :



New SAMM Outline
"New SAMM" Outline and Ownership

Chapter Sections Owner


Security Cooperation (General Info)
-Info regarding the SAMM itself



Roles and Responsibilities
-Other Agencies



Export/Tech Transfer Considerations



Planning and Pre-LOA Information



Preparation and Processing of FMS Cases



FMS Case Execution




DSCA/PSD-PMD (Midland)


Financial Procedures




DSCA/PSD-PMD (Verry/Judkins)


Special Programs
- Excess Defense Articles
- Leases
- Humanitarian Assistance
- Foreign Military Financing
- FMS Loan Agreements
- Drawdowns
- Military Assistance Program (MAP)
- Loans of Defense Articles
- Special Defense Acquisition Fund (SDAF)
- DCC Guidelines

DSCA/PSD-PMD (S. Harris)
DSCA/HA&D (Ritchie)
DSCA/PSD-PMD (Baker/Midland)
DSCA/PSD-PMD (Baker/Midland)
DSCA/PSD-PMD (S. Harris)
DSCA/PSD-PMD (Clarke/Woods)


Management Information Systems
- Legacy Systems
- 1200 System
- 1000 System

DSCA/IT (Wiggins)
DSCA/IT (Wiggins)
DSCA/IT (Edwards)
DSCA/IT (Edwards)
DSCA/IT (Porter)