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Blanket Order Excess Defense Articles (EDA) Cases (DSCA Policy 00-03)

Building from the accomplishments of FMS reinvention, several initiatives have focused on mechanisms to reduce the number of FMS cases, thus reducing the costs and time associated with the administration of numerous cases. One method to accomplish this goal and therefore improve both the program and the overall process is the implementation of Blanket Order EDA cases.

As the FMS community begins to use Blanket Order EDA cases on a more frequent basis, we need to ensure that these cases are written consistently in accordance with current guidance. The general policies for Blanket Order cases are found in the Security Assistance Management Manual (SAMM) paragraph 70002.C.2.

The following additional information provides unique EDA guidance and should be inserted as a new paragraph (70002.C.2.c) in the SAMM. This policy has and shall continue to apply to both Blanket Order EDA sales and grant cases:

"c. Blanket Order EDA sales cases may be established only for non-Significant Military Equipment (non-SME) consisting of spare parts/components, clothing, basic field equipment, and office equipment/supplies/furniture. Blanket Order LOAs for PCH&T may also be written in conjunction with EDA grant transfers of similar, non-SME items. These LOAs must identify the end-item application."

Guidance in this memorandum will be included in the Defense Acquisition Deskbook version of the SAMM as E-Change 10. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact either Karma Job at (703) 601-3718/DSN 329-3718 or Steve Harris at (703) 604-6611/DSN 664-6611.

Michael S. Davison, Jr.
Lieutenant General, USA