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Foreign Country Force Activity Designator (FAD) Assignments (DSCA 00-09)

Recent inquiries from the Joint Staff and from the Defense Logistics Management Standards Office (DLMSO) have revealed that some requisitions -- both domestic and security assistance -- are being submitted with unauthorized FADs. Specifically, requisitioners are using FAD I when their actual FAD assignment is much lower. The DLMSO has issued guidance which will require the Defense Automatic Addressing System Center (DAASC) to automatically downgrade any requisition that improperly uses a FAD I. We support this action. However, we would like to use security assistance databases to "catch" these errors before they reach DAASC. We would also like to go one step further, and monitor all misuses of FAD, not just those associated with FAD I.

The best way to do this would be to establish a table within our data systems which would identify a country and its authorized FAD. Such a table could be used to edit each requisition submitted to ensure only an authorized priority was used. To-date, we have not allowed creation of any such tables in our security assistance databases. Any table which identified a customer with its authorized FAD would be classified -- and all of our logistics databases are unclassified.

We have contacted the Joint Staff and they concur that a table to identify potential FAD violations would be appropriate and would not violate security requirements as long as the table does not list the country code with its FAD designation. The Joint Staff has agreed that a priority table (listing the country code and the authorized priority designators) would not be classified (see attached). Such a table would allow database edits to detect violations as requisitions are submitted and automatically mark these requisitions as requiring intervention.

Based on this, the Defense Security Assistance Management System (DSAMS) will be programmed to include a country code/priority table as part of the Case Execution Module. In the interim, legacy systems should be modified to include this table and edit by 31 Dec 00.

If you have questions or need additional information concerning this requirement, please contact Beth Baker, DSCA/PSD-PMD, (703) 604-6612.

Michael S. Davison, Jr.
Lieutenant General, USA

J-4 Memorandum J-4A 00238-00, 2 Jun 00


Director Defense Security Cooperation Agency
(Attention LTG Davison)


Foreign Country Force Activity Designator (FAD) Assignments



  1. DSCA 26 May 2000 Memorandum, Same Subject


1. First, we applaud your effort to ensure foreign country requisitions contain the authorized FAD. As we move to automatic downgrading of unauthorized FAD I requisitions, your initiative will help lead the way. The remainder of this memorandum addresses your specific concern in using a table to identify potential FAD abuses by foreign countries.

2. We believe using a table to identify potential foreign country FAD violations is appropriate, and does not violate security requirements as long as that table does not specifically list the two digit alpha code of the country with its associate FAD designator (as prohibited by CJCSI 4110.01A). We also agree that a table using the country's authorized priority designator is the best way to monitor potential FAD abuses and would not be classified, again as long as the two digit alpha code and FAD are not listed together.

3. While we don't believe a country/priority designator table is classified, we do solicit your support to ensure this table is not provided to foreign countries, and this table should be protected from the public domain. Please feel free to contact my action officer if you have additional questions -- Lt. Col. Brent Baker, J4/SMPD, 703-697-6849 or

John M. McDuffie
Lieutenant General, USA
Director for Logistics, J-4