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AIG 8797


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Implementation of New Codes for the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) (DSCA 01-04)



  1. DEPSECDEF Memo Dated 27 Mar 2000 (NOTAL)
  2. DSCA COMPT Memo I-00/012288-FM Dated 20 Dec 2000 (NOTAL)
  3. OUSD(C) Memo Dated 17 Jan 2000 (NOTAL)


  1. Reference A established DCMA as a separate Defense Agency, and no longer part of the Defense Logistics Agency. Reference B requested OUSD approval for the new codes required to support new/prospective cases Managed by DCMA. Reference C conveyed OUSD(C)'s approval to the reference B request. Accordingly, this cable announces the codes unique to DCMA, as well as other related info.

  2. The new codes shown in para 3 below are effective as of 1 April 2001. They apply only to basic LOA's offered to the FMS customer on or after that date. All basic LOA's offered before that date, and all amendments and modifications to existing FMS cases, will retain the 'R' implementing agency code as well as all other codes currently found on those cases. All pertinent databases (DSAMS, DIFS, CISIL, PBAS, DSCA 1200) must be fully reprogrammed in time to accommodate transactions associated with new LOA's being offered on or after 1 April 2001

  3. New codes unique to DCMA are as follows:

    • Implementing Agency Code: F
    • Routing Identifier Code (RIC): S6J
    • Delivery Reporting Code: 5 (Linked with IA Code)
    • Accounting Classification Code: 97-11X8242.XXXF
    • Army Case Manager Code: V
    • Army Line Manager Code: V
    • DODAAC: S5102A
    • DIFS Manager/Command Code: 17 (Linked with IA Code)
    • DIFS Monitor Code: 5 (Linked with IA Code)
    • Operating Agency Code: YP
    • DSAMS Activity Identifier: DCMA
    • Change Originator Code: V
  4. Corresponding changes to the SAMM (DOD 5105.38-M) and the DOD Financial Management Regulation (DOD 7000.14-R, Volume 15) are being made. That said, we wish to reiterate current SAMM guidelines that will remain pertinent for DCMA; specifically, DCMA will write its own FMS cases for services it provides. The MILDEPs are not to write cases/case lines incorporating DCMA efforts without the express written consent of HQ DCMA/IFBT.

  5. We appreciate the successful teamwork approach in establishing these codes. The DCMA POC is Mr. Robert Hunter (DCMA/IFBT), Phone (703) 428-1327, Email: The DSCA POC is Mr. David Rude, Phone (703) 604-6569, Email:

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