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Pre-Departure Briefing CD-ROM for International Military Students DSCA 02-22)

The Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management (DISAM) has developed a CD-ROM designed for international military students to view in their home country prior to departing for training in the United States. It is designed to provide students with a basic introduction to their daily routine during their stay in the United States and an orientation on their responsibilities while attending training.

This CD-ROM standardizes the pre-departure information provided to international military students. It covers all topics required in paragraph 10-54 of the Joint Security Assistance Training (JSAT) Regulation. DSCA recognizes that over time most Security Assistance Organizations (SAOs) have developed their own pre-departure information briefing for departing students. This product is intended to supplement, or replace, such locally-developed information briefings. SAOs should incorporate the enclosed CDROM into their pre-departure procedures. At their discretion, SAOs can maintain, reduce, or eliminate their locally designed pre-departure briefings. Because the CDROM is available only in English, it will not replace those locally developed products in the host country's native language for students with poor English skills.

International Military Student Offices (IMSOs) should ensure that foreign military students were briefed using this CD-ROM prior to departing from their host nation. In the event that this has not happened, IMSOs should utilize this product in the orientation of incoming students.

SAOs are encouraged to reproduce and provide a copy of this CD-ROM to each departing student.

DISAM is responsible for ensuring currency of this product and publishing and - distributing new versions as warranted. SAOs and other users should send comments I suggestions to DISAM-DI, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433-7641.

DSCA point of contact for this action is Brion Midland, (703) 604-6610.

Tome H. Walters, Jr.
Lieutenant General, USAF

As stated



  • 6 copies to each SAO/SA office

  • 3 copies to each Unified Command

  • 3 copies to each IMSO


The CD contains hyperlinks to a number of useful websites, so for maximum benefit it should be played on computers with an internet connection. Hardware and software requirements to run the CD are as follows:

  • Pentium 11 233 MHz or better running Windows 95 or later; 8X CD-ROM; 32 Mb RAM; sound card and speakers.

  • Internet Explorer (IE) 4.0 or later and Quicktime 4.0 or later. The latest versions of both of these programs can be downloaded from the CD itself, if necessary.