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Revised DoDFMR Policy for Unmatched Disbursements and Negative Unliquidated Obligations (DSCA 02-28)



  1. USD(Compt) memorandum dated 11 Feb 2002, same subject
  2. DSCA FMS Reconciliation and Closure Conference, held 13-16 May 2002
  3. Your memorandum dated 17 June 2002, same subject


As you know, reference (a) announced revised timelines governing the obligation of unmatched disbursements (UMDs, to include intransits) and negative unliquidated obligations (NULOs), also known as problem disbursements. These policies were incorporated into the DoD Financial Management Regulation (DoDFMR), Volume 3, Chapter 11. During reference (b), the role of the program manager was discussed in detail. Your reference (c) memorandum provided additional procedures to support the DoD Comptroller policy.

This memorandum prescribes the FMS community program manager points of contact for receiving documentation on problem disbursements. While DF AS has program manager contacts at the U.S. Military Departments for problem disbursements, the organizational responsibilities for FMS are unique. Accordingly, the program managers shown in Attachment 1 serve as the primary contacts for their respective organizations for problem disbursement issues regarding FMS cases.

DFAS communication with these program managers via e-mail is strongly encouraged. Given the abbreviated timelines mandated by DoD Comptroller to resolve problem disbursements, electronic transmittal of the appropriate documentation is necessary to ensure satisfactory and timely completion of the requisite transactions. Program managers should be engaged early in this process to be apprised of and help rectify FMS problem disbursements.

Your dissemination of this information to those responsible for generating problem disbursement documentation to the program managers shown on Attachment 1 is greatly appreciated. Please advise DSCA periodically as to the effectiveness of the DFAS-program manager communication channels. Should your staff have any questions, the DSCA point of contact is Mr. David Rude, Financial Policy Team Chief, DSN 664-6569, e-mail: david.rude@osd.pentagon.mil

James A. McQuality

As stated

CC :

USASAC New Cumberland (Attn: Roberta Bilder)
Navy IPO (Attn: Christine Chaikowski)
USAF/IAPX (Attn: Colleen Henson)

FMS Community Problem Disbursement Point Of Contact Information

Organization Scope POC Name POC Phone POC E-Mail Address
DSCA All FMS notices David Rude 664-6569 David.Rude@osd.pentagon.mil
Army All TACOM cases Linda Stebbed 786-6830 stebbedl@tacom.army.mil
Army All OSC cases Charles Ulfig 793-35552 ulfigc@osc.army.mil
Army All Army cases Richard Smith 977-8682 Richard.smith@usasac.army.mil
Army All Army cases Sarah Eichelberger 490-2592 Sarah.Eichelberger@dfas.mil
Navy All Navy cases Chris Chaikowski 764-2841 Christine.chaikowski@hq.navy.mil
Navy All NAVSEA cases Darlene Pritz 202-781-3991 pritzde@navsea.navy.mil
Navy All NAVSEA cases Bridget Shepherd 202-781-0852 shepherdbg@navsea.navy.mil
Navy All SPAWAR cases Florida Paris 619-524-7235 parisf@spawar.navy.mil
Navy All NAVAIR cases Mary Casey 301-757-6664 caseymj@navair.navy.mil
Air Force All USAF cases Robert Rosenbaum 703-614-5340 Robert.rosenbaum@pntagon.af.mil
Air Force All USAF cases Torya Williams 787-5516 x 4289 Torya.Williams@wpafb.af.mil
Air Force All AFSAT cases Michelle Wurzer 487-5335 Michelle.wurzer@randolph.af.mil
DCMA All FMS notices Atheel Mary e-mail only Amary@hw.dcma.mil
DCMA All FMS notices Val Brown 703-428-1330 vbrown@hq.dcma.mil
DFAS All Navy cases Phil Gambrell 926-7384 Phill.gambrell@gfas.mil
DFAS All USAF cases Perry Worthing 926-5900 Perry.worthing@dfas.mil
DFAS All AFSAT cases Ken Hicks 926-7791 Kenneth.Hicks@dfas.mil
DFAS All Army cases Janice Hall 926-8091 Janice.Hall@dfas.mil
DFAS All SATFA cases Paul Cristini 926-8964 Paul.Cristini@dfas.mil
DFAS All FMS notices Dicon Weaver 926-5735 Dicon.Weaver@dfas.mil