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Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Transformation Task Force (DSCA 03-25)

At Security Cooperation 2003, I announced FMS Transformation as the next step in our continuing effort to accomplish our business in a manner that is better, cheaper, and faster. To execute this strategy, I designated four members of my staff, Beth Baker, David Rude, Steve Harris, and Glenn Lazarus, to spend a significant amount of their time researching, analyzing, evaluating, and implementing ideas to improve the efficiency of and add value to our business.

This team, my Transformation Task Force (TTF), will report directly to me and my Deputy Director. They will provide me with status updates on a biweekly basis. I am empowering them to make recommendations and decisions with short timelines that focus on results. This will not be business as usual.

FMS Transformation cannot be approached from a DSCA-only perspective, nor with standing working groups. Instead, I encourage members of the entire security cooperation community to provide my TTF will ideas and solutions that you believe should be further explored to improve our business. We are looking for both best practices that provide immediate gains and revolutionary concepts that will ensure our processes provide the most "bang for the buck." We have established an e-mail account at DSCA, fmstransformation@dsca.mil for the submission of these ideas.

I will keep you informed on a regular basis of the task force's progress. As the TTF embarks on its new mission in the coming days, we will reach out to you for ideas and assistance. Your cooperation and support in helping us improve the FMS system is essential.

Transformation is my top priority for the coming year.

Tome H. Walters, Jr.
Lieutenant General, USAF