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Level I Antiterrorism (AT) Awareness Training and Travel Policy (DSCA 04-08)



  1. DoD Instruction 2000.16, DoD Antiterrorism Standards


DoD policy (Ref) states that DSCA shall provide annual Level I AT Awareness Training to all active uniformed CONUS-based members of the Services and to all CONUS-based DoD civilian personnel who are eligible to travel overseas. Individuals traveling outside CONUS for either permanent or temporary duty must complete annual Level I AT Awareness Training and shall have received a specific AOR update made available by the regional Combatant Commanders within three months prior to travel.

Level I AT Awareness Training is available from several sources. The DSCA Antiterrorism Officer (ATO) will provide an initial Level I briefing to all newly assigned personnel, as indicated on the in-processing checklist. The Pentagon Force Protection Agency also conducts training every Friday at 1200 hours in room 1E801 Pentagon. Annual refresher training can be accomplished by reviewing the Level I AT Awareness Training briefing posted on the Travel page of the DSCA Intranet site. Country-specific threat information can be obtained from the regional Combatant Command SIPRNET web sites, a list of which are also posted on the Travel page.

To verify the status of individual training, the DSCA ATO will maintain a database with dates that annual training was accomplished. Individuals will report completion of annual refresher training to the ATO by e-mail, using the link following the Level I briefing on the Travel page. Individuals preparing TDY orders will include the dates of their most recent annual Level I briefing and the date country-specific threat information was obtained on their orders. The travel clerk will verify dates of annual Level I training against the database maintained by the ATO. If those dates are not current or are omitted, the travel clerk will advise the traveler that the orders cannot be processed for funds availability until completion of AT training is verified. In emergency situations, the traveler will be advised to contact the ATO directly for an update.

My primary concern is that all of you are aware of the terrorist threat, and that each of you is thoroughly prepared to avoid being targets when you travel. Your awareness training does not stop when your orders are issued. You should contact Embassy or Combatant Command personnel as soon as possible after arrival in country to ensure that you have the most current threat information.

If anyone has any questions concerning Level I AT Awareness Training, threat conditions, or travel safety, please contact the DSCA A TO, Mr. Kenneth A. Eisenhardt, BUSOPS/SARM, 703-604-6551, DSN 664-6551, fax 703-604-6536, e-mail Ken.Eisenhardt@dsca.mil,or SIPRNET Kenneth.Eisenhardt@dsca.osd.smil.mil.

Richard J. Millies
Acting Director