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DSCA 05-08

Memo Status : Superseded Notes : Memo has been superseded by DSCA 18-31.
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Updated Guidance for Recertifying Existing Expanded International Military Education and Training (E-IMET) Program Courses (DSCA 05-08)



  1. DSCA memorandum 1-02/009003, 10 July 2002, subject: Updated Guidance for Use in Developing and Reviewing the Eligibility of Courses / Programs for Addition to the Expanded International Military Education and Training (E-IMET) Program (DSCA 02-24).


The referenced memo provided the training community with policy guidance to use when developing and evaluating new courses / programs for E-IMET certification and established a biannual review for all E- IMET courses. This memo provides updated policy guidance based on the completion of the first biannual E- IMET course review at the end of December 2004.

Recognizing that E- IMET courses taught by 100 % E- IMET training providers should for all intents and purposes remain 100 % E- IMET, such programs will now be reviewed at five year intervals instead of biannually. Other, non 100 % E-IMET courses will now be recertified every three years vice biannually. We believe that the increased time interval between recertification will still provide the necessary assurances that E- IMET courses continue to meet the intent of the program as legislated by the Congress. This policy change is effective from 1 February 2005.

If an existing E-IMET course / program significantly changes, it is contingent on the schoolhouse to resubmit that program for E-IMET review / certification. In all cases, the format provided in DSCA Policy Memo 02-24 still applies.

DSCA point of contact for this issue is Brion Midland, (703) 601-3672; email

Freda J. Lodge
Policy, Plans and Programs