Superseded by SAMM Rewrite of October 2003.
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SECDEF Washington DC/DSCA 311931ZDEC98


Approved Revised Stinger/MANPADS Guidance in DoD 5105.38-M, Security Assistance Management Manual (SAMM)

  1. The proposed change to the SAMM pertaining to subject, distributed in message DTG 012256Z Dec 98, elicited only a few responses. Based on those responses and other info at hand, changes in paras 2 and 3 below will be made to the SAMM by DISAM. They are effective immediately.

  2. Paras 70105.L.9.C. and D. are deleted. Guidance therein, as revised, is included in para 20301.K. below.

  3. Para 20301.K. will read as follows:

    "K. Stinger/MANPADS. SEC 532, Foreign Operations, Export Financing, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, FY94 continues the prohibition on provision of Stinger to countries bordering the Persian Gulf (Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Oman). Based on circumstances discussed in Sec 581 of the 1990 version of this Act/PL 101-167, this does not apply to Bahrain'' one-for-one purchase of replacement missiles.

    1. The IA, through DSCA, will request DOS to ensure that any transfer of MANPADS under FAA Sec 506(A) (SAMM 1102) include security requirements in para 70105.L.9. The IA will also ensure foreign production agreements incorporate these requirements.

    2. The following procedures apply when an LOA for the purchase of MANPADS has been accepted, or-production arrangements have been implemented, or MANPADS are provided under authority of Sec 506(A).

      1. The USA will provide a copy of the transfer authority document to the in-country SAO.

      2. USA personnel will inspect the physical security arrangements prior to the delivery of the first shipment of MANPADS to ensure that security meets US requirements.

      3. The USA will notify the SAO when delivery of the missiles is to begin, including serial numbers for each increment of missiles and gripstocks or other launchers to be received.

      4. The SAO will arrange with the recipient to verify, by serial number, receipt in country of the missiles and launchers. Verification of receipt should be reported by the recipient to the SAO and the USA.

      5. Except for missiles deployed to hostile areas, the SAO must complete a 100 percent physical inventory, by serial number, of Stinger missiles and weapon rounds (missile and gripstock). This inventory is to serve as further confirmation of recipient capabilities to secure and account for these items. It is to occur after initial shipments of missiles are placed in long term storage or with operating forces. It should be completed not later than one year following receipt of the first missile in country. The inventory should include review of the recipient's records of monthly two man verifications. Unless accountability problems indicate the necessity for such action, the sealed missile and weapon round containers will not be opened during the inventory. Inventory results are to be provided to the DSCA regional directorate and USA (USASAC), with an information copy to the applicable UCOM.

      6. The SAO will also physically inventory five percent of in-country stinger missiles annually. The five percent will be selected based on one or a combination of the following:

        1. A random selection of serial numbers from the overall country inventory list, without regard to location;

        2. 100 percent inventory of sufficient storage locations, selected at random, to provide an overall five percent quantity; or

        3. An inventory plan designed by the SAO which considers unique country or regional security requirements.

      7. The CINC may determine, based on assessment of the threat to security in the area, that other special actions are necessary. DSCA/COMPT should be informed of these determinations.

    3. The USA must provide to DSCA/MEAN-AP, by 1 Dec each year, a report of Stinger Missile delivery quantities. Report data should include the quantities from each major source (For Example, FMS, FAA 506(a), Stinger Production Group and other foreign production program) delivered to each recipient. The USA will also provide advice and other technical support, normally short of TDY, to assist SAOs in missile inventories or other accountability measures."

The DSCA contact is Ms. Jeanne Farmer, CML (703) 604-6609, DSN 664-6609, FAX 604/664-6541, or e-mail