Superseded by Section C6.3.6. of the FMS Case Reconciliation and Closure Manual (RCM).
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Deputy Under Secretary of the Army
(International Affairs (SAUS-IA-ZA))

Assistant Secretary of the Navy
(Financial Management and Comptroller)

Deputy Under Secretary for International Affairs (SAF/IA)
Department of the Air Force

Director, Defense Finance and Accounting Service


Procedures for Non-Material Financial and Unreconcilable Conditions

DoD Financial Management Regulation 7000.14-R, vol. 15, para.021104.b provides policy on charging minor unresolved reconciliation transactions against the FMS Administrative/Logistics Support Expense Budget. The attached guidance is provided to enhance your organization's ability to implement this policy.

All authorized adjustments will be processed centrally at DFAS-DE and DSAA will provide separate funding authority to DFAS-DE. Also included are procedures to charge minor unmatched disbursements, which can not be identified to a specific country, against the same funding authority. Procedures on the remaining problem disbursement issues will be provided under separate cover.

The attached has been coordinated with DFAS-DE/I. The procedures will be included in the next Security Assistance Management Manual change. If you need additional information, my point of contact is Sally Liberty (703) 604-6562.

Thomas G. Rhamo
Lieutenant General, USA